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Axel The Truck: Field Trip

Axel The Truck: Field Trip


Axel is a little truck with big, big wheels who loves exploring and adventure. In this My First I Can Read! book, Axel finds himself stuck in the mud and learns that sometimes you have to get really messy to have a whole lot of fun! Simple, declarative sentences, basic phonics, and bold illustrations make Axel perfect for emerging readers who love trucks and other vehicles that go.

Axel is a little red truck with big wheels and big dreams. In this easy-to-comprehend story that is just right for beginning readers, Axel doesn’t pay attention to where he’s going and ends up stuck in the mud. Readers will cheer for Axel as he zooms and varooms his way back to solid ground.

With a focus on vehicles and transportation; bright artwork; and simple, declarative sentences, this is a great action-filled choice for newly independent readers. The playful illustrations will delight both parent and child!

SKU: 9780062692801
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