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Desperation in Death By: J.D. Robb

Desperation in Death By: J.D. Robb


The #1 New York Times bestselling author presents a gripping new thriller that pits homicide detective Eve Dallas against a conspiracy of exploitation and evil…

New York, 2061: Girls are being abducted and trapped in a living nightmare called the Pleasure Academy, where they are trained for a life of slavery and their souls are slowly but surely destroyed. Lt. Eve Dallas might not have ever found out about it if it weren’t for Mina and Dorian, who hatched a desperate escape plan. Unfortunately, Mina was killed during the attempt—and now Dorian is injured, terrified, and wandering the streets of New York.

The victim’s expensive, elegant clothes and beauty products convince Dallas that she was being groomed, literally and figuratively, for sex trafficking—and that whoever is investing in this high-overhead operation expects windfall profits. Her billionaire husband may be able to help, considering his ties to the city’s ultra-rich. But Roarke is also worried about the effect this case is having on Dallas, as it brings a rage to the surface she can barely control. No matter what, she must keep her head clear--because above all, she is desperate for justice and to take down those who prey on and torment the innocent.


SKU: 9781250278234
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