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Dirty Lying Faeries By: Sabrina Blackburry

Dirty Lying Faeries By: Sabrina Blackburry


For fans of Kelley Armstrong, Jeaniene Frost, Melissa Marr, and Sarah J. Mass, comes a paranormal romance featuring Thea, a young woman who believes she was human, only to discover she’s fae. Embracing this side of herself turns her whole world upside down--and her budding attraction to Devin Grayson, a key player in the fae court, might just destroy both of their worlds.

When Thea Kanelos’s best friend drags her to an art gala (that’s definitely not her thing), she doesn’t expect a chance encounter with Devin Grayson to change her life forever. The handsome stranger isn’t just anyone--he’s a powerful fae, charged with bringing Thea into his world.

Believing that she’s always been human, Thea must come to terms that everything she’s known about herself up until now has been a lie. She’s not human at all. She is a fae--funny, because she doesn’t even believe in faeries.

Thea soon discovers that she is powerful in her own right and, as cracks in the fae world begin to surface, she may be the only one who can end the conflict that plagues both sides.


SKU: 9781990259197
  • INFO

    9781990259197, 1990259197

    Hardcover with dust jacket

    $27.99 USD, $32.99 CAD

    Fiction / Fantasy / Romance 

    Ages 18 And Up

    416 pages | Announced 1st Print: 125K

    9.4 in H | 6.5 in W | 1.4 in T | 1.3 lb Wt

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