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Red Wolf By: Rachel Vincent

Red Wolf By: Rachel Vincent


A high-stakes, pacey reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood that is perfect for fans of Stephanie Garber and Megan Spooner.

For as long as sixteen-year-old Adele can remember, the village of Oakvale has been surrounded by the dark wood—a forest filled with terrible monsters. A forest that light cannot penetrate. Like her fellow villagers, she knows to steer clear of the woods unless absolutely necessary. But unlike her neighbors, Adele has a very good reason for going into the dark wood.

Adele is one of a long line of guardians: women who secretly take on the form of a wolf, in order to protect their village. Her life—and the lives of every villager she watches over—depends upon her secret being kept. But when accepting her fate means giving up the boy she loves, abandoning the future she imagined for herself, and breaking her own moral code, she must decide how far she is willing to go to keep her neighbors safe.

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