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(Signed Copy) A Girl Names Steph By: 1X?X3

(Signed Copy) A Girl Names Steph By: 1X?X3


After finding Adrien in his home, Steph is left with a sight that leaves a lifelong scar. The Dark One plays coy for a while but provides constant reminders of Its existence through a dirty yellow light only Steph can see. It seems there’s no hope for Steph’s life to turn around. Her parents are arguing more and she’s their perfect person to blame for any and all problems. She has no one to confide in… until she meets Devland. Devland knows about The Dark One, he’s seen the yellow light, and he’s ready to fight back. Can Steph and Devland join forces and defeat The Dark One? Or will they find themselves in the same situation as Adrien?


Pages: 329

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

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