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(Signed Copy) The Dark One By: 1X?X3

(Signed Copy) The Dark One By: 1X?X3


Adrien Thompson’s life turned to sadness at an early age. No matter how many times he stood back up, life was there ready to knock him back down. Sadness quickly turns to depression and splitting headaches filled with dark thoughts claw at his sanity. It seems that Adrien will never find the one thing he is looking for in life, happiness. When he turns twenty-one, Adrien moves to a town called Rutland, hoping to escape the demons from his past. Life starts to look up for him, but not for too long. The dark thoughts begin creeping back, and soon Adrien is left to make choices that could destroy everything he has been working towards in his new life. Can he find the courage to defeat the evil deep within him? Or will he slowly lose his mind until The Dark One takes his soul?


Pages: 390

Genre: Psychological Thriller

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