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Vivi Loves Science Wind and Water

Vivi Loves Science Wind and Water


Vivi loves science—and experimenting! In this Level 3 I Can Read! title, Vivi volunteers to help with the clean-up efforts at the beach after a storm hits her town. But where did the sand dunes and tide pools go? Vivi and her friends will have to ask a lot of questions, learn about erosion, and conduct experiments tofind out!

The Loves Science books introduce readers to girls who love science, as well as basic concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math. This Level 3 I Can Read! explores how wind and water impact different landscapes, and includes an experiment about erosion to try at home or school, as well as a glossary. A great pick for newly independent readers and an ideal companion to Cece Loves Science: Push and PullLibby Loves Science: Mix and Measure; and Vivi Loves Science: Sink or Float.

Includes activities, a glossary, and a fun experiment to do at home. 

SKU: 9780063116597
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